Token Sale

Participate in our CoExistCoin Token Sale from now until November 4th. Get your piece of the 15 Million COXST in our foundation wallet. Read our White Paper for what’s to come to CoExistCoin

Participate with cryptocurrency

The participation process is done in two steps:

  1. send the amount using the cryptocurrency of your choice
  2. fill in the form below to lets us know about your transaction
  3. Make sure that you click yes (top box) on the form if you wish this transaction to be included toward the CoExistCoin Token Offering. You will take part in the distribution of 15 million CoExistCoin. The amount of COXST that you recieve during distribution will be factored by the value amount that you contributed and how many people take part in the Token Offering.

Step 1: Send us your cryptocurrency

Select the cryptocurrency you wish to use below, the correct address to deposit to will be displayed.

Send your cryptocurency to the posted address.
You can double check if the address is correct here.

Donate with Bitcoin

Adress: 1JYZQwQgVn3BHNshudSxT1dvoEnDfkK6u8

Donate with Litecoin

Adress: LfoQW63c7JYYTDLbHWFyajQoEe9RScgEFs

Donate with Ethereum

Adress: 0x1C75aee3F12e26A4c666589B9F4a3E6cF7D81DaC

Donate with Waves

Adress: 3PJQkCEDgjSCcKBnnDkNAikcF5JQp6XSEo9

Donate with Ripple

Adress: rfBKzgkPt9EvSJmk1uhoWTauaFCaRh4jMp

Donate with Dash

Adress: XurUiWSWdsLQCrwbHvPDeajVspLsHTU2EL

Donate with Dogecoin

Adress: DEdhZh5zJhjFNjor8yBZ91uzfMmb2C4c71

Step 2: Let us know about your transaction

Fill in the form below to send us the details about your transaction.

Ensure your TX id and your personal waves wallet address is included or your transaction will not count towards the Token Offering distribution. Send to the corresponding address of your crypto currency of choosing to participate with.

Donate with creditcard