About us


CoExistCoin is a decentralized digital currency that is run on blockchain technology. CoExistCoin's goal is to be synonymous with charity and donations. We are THE digital charity currency.


Using CoExistCoin, all transactions are recorded on the blockchain and cannot be altered or tampered with. Anyone and everyone has access to see all transactions on the blockchain by using the block explorer.


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Our mission is to help the less fortunate

So many people in the world are in desperate and horrible circumstances. CoExistCoin is determined to help and empower those in need with the knowledge and tools to get themselves out of these situations. In these times with all the science, technology and education at our disposal it’s never been easier to grow crops or get the clean water out of the ground that is a mere 6 feet underground. We just need to get these resources and education to them.

So many charitable organizations collect money for people in need. A lot of times these organizations have so much overhead that only a small fraction of donated money go to those in need. Most people that decide to donate their hard earned money, they choose an organization that only gives 10 cents on the dollar to those they are helping. Maybe if people could see exactly where their money is going they would in turn make better choices on whom to trust it with.

That is where CoExistCoin can help! When CoExistCoin is applied to the donation process, every single cent that a person donates is traceable. Every donation is recorded on CoExistCoin’s blockchain. This is documented and cannot be compromised. This tool gives the donor the power to know exactly where their hard earned money is going.

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