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less fortunate

CoExistCoin is a decentralized digital token that is run on blockchain technology.

Using CoExistCoin, all transactions are recorded on the blockchain and cannot be altered or tampered with.

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CoExistCoin Token Offering

Starting soon, October 1st 2017 - 7am AEST
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Our mission is to help empower the less fortunate

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CoExistCoin's mission

Our mission is to help the less fortunate.

So many people in the world are in desperate and horrible circumstances. CoExistCoin is determined to help and empower those in need with the knowledge and tools to get themselves out of these situations.

In these times with all the science, technology and education at our disposal it’s never been easier to grow crops or get the clean water out of the ground that is a mere 6 feet underground. We just need to get these resources and education to them.

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